Under Development

More details are coming soon. However, for now be aware that Dr. Finnerty can exchange encrypted emails with attachments with you using an enterprise level Microsoft Office 365 account and also share folders in a hipaa-compliant fashion where you can upload medical records and receive files. The encrypted email using the Microsoft OME Encryption would not come from my toddfinnerty@toddfinnerty.com email but from an email from me with an "OnMicrosoft.com" domain name- this is me and not spam. You do not need to have any type of encryption or special account set up on your end- you would receive any email with a link to click to authenticate yourself and view the message in a browser.

Dr. Finnerty is also willing to use your account at dropbox or other secure file sharing sites that you share with him.

Additional e-mail encryption options are coming soon for those who may desire them (including S/MIME and possibly PGP).

Contact toddfinnerty@toddfinnerty.com for details.