Send & Receive Securely and Videoconferencing with Dr. Finnerty

Send & Receive Files & E-mail Securely

Dr. Finnerty can exchange encrypted emails with attachments with you using an enterprise level Microsoft Office 365 account and also share folders in a HIPAA-compliant fashion where you can upload medical records and receive files. The encrypted email using the Microsoft OME Encryption would not come from my email but from an email from me with an "" domain name- this is me and not spam. You do not need to have any type of encryption or special account set up on your end- you would receive any email with a link to click to authenticate yourself and view the message in a browser. Dr. Finnerty is also willing to use your account at dropbox or other secure file sharing sites that you share with him. Additional e-mail encryption options are coming soon for those who may desire them (including S/MIME and possibly PGP).

Videoconferencing Meetings

Dr. Finnerty has the ability to host secure online video conferencing with you and/or your clients. For evaluations and consultation Dr. Finnerty is only able to speak with individuals who are physically located somewhere in Ohio where Dr. Finnerty is licensed. Dr. Finnerty can invite you to join a secure video meeting online. In addition to having access to an enterprise level Microsoft Office account that includes options with Microsoft Teams, Dr. Finnerty maintain a account that allows for videoconferencing.

If you have a virtual appointment with Dr. Finnerty you can enter the online waiting room here:

Will you conduct a telehealth examination and complete a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)?

In relation to disability claims for Veterans: No, Dr. Finnerty will only complete a DBQ for an in-person examination (and you may not want to pay any private, non-VA individual to do this at this time unless your attorney suggests it). This is because certain VBA policies do not look kindly on these examinations. For example, read "Telehealth Public-Use Questionnaires Were Used Improperly to Determine Disability Benefits" and also this related article from "Granting VA Disability Claims by Remote Questionnaire Led to Fraud, Report Shows." Dr. Finnerty is willing to perform a records review for you remotely. Learn more about Dr. Finnerty's services related to disability claims for Veterans.

Which States Will Dr. Finnerty Serve?

For records review only claims Dr. Finnerty can serve people physically located in any state.

For examinations (where Dr. Finnerty has direct contact with the examinee either in person or online) Dr. Finnerty currently serves Ohio. This is because Dr. Finnerty is licensed in Ohio (#5979). There may be some instances where Dr. Finnerty may be able to conduct examinations online with people physically located in some other states.

Future Directions

Dr. Finnerty may become licensed in additional states in the future. In addition, some state boards would allow Dr. Finnerty to practice there temporarily without becoming licensed if he asked for their permission. This could be pursued on a case by case basis if you discussed it with Dr. Finnerty.

Dr Finnerty is also closely monitoring PSYPACT Legislation which may allow him to provide one-time examinations to people residing in other states in the future (this would be done via video conferencing).

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