Scheduling an Appointment with Psychologist Dr. Todd Finnerty

Schedule an evaluation

There are times available to schedule in-person evaluations with Dr. Finnerty automatically online.These appointment slots are generally for evaluations related to disability or for the Ohio Industrial Commission. They are typically available at 1:00pm on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. While Dr. Finnerty has reserved these times for examinations, he may have other days and times available if you call him on his cell phone at (330)495-8809. He may also be able to see you earlier in the day/ morning if the would be easier for your schedule. these examinations through the Dr. Finnerty's Microsoft Bookings link to schedule an exam appointment.

If you'd like to schedule longer testing (ex: IQ testing) or ongoing psychotherapy please contact Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone to discuss it (330)495-8809.

When you're in the online scheduler be sure to click the service at the top first (ex: an IME) and then it will load in the available dates and times in the calendar below. You can then click on a bold date to see the times- they will be available at the right (it will most likely say 1:00PM and you can click on this). Then add your details on the bottom. IME appointments will generally be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (though sometimes Dr. Finnerty may add additional dates). Remember, Dr. Finnerty may have additional availability by calling him on his cell phone (330)495-8809 or emailing

Please note: health insurance typically doesn't cover one-time examinations for forensic/legal/disability-claim reasons or educational purposes (ex: IQ testing).

Schedule Psychotherapy/ (ex: CBT-I chronic insomnia treatment)

Please note: Dr. Finnerty does not offer evening or weekend appointments at this time and is not a provider for most insurance companies.

Dr. Finnerty occasionally accepts new patients (due to limited time availability). Prospective patients can call Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone at (330)495-8809 for a free, brief consultation; Dr. Finnerty will help determine if his services are right for you or help you find someone else if they aren't. Dr. Finnerty does NOT bill most insurance companies while other providers in the area do.

Dr. Finnerty doesn't offer online scheduling for psychotherapy appointments at this time, you must call him on his cell phone to schedule psychotherapy.

Learn more by reading Dr. Finnerty's FAQ.
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