Todd E. Finnerty, Psy.D. is running for APA President to change the tone of the conversation at APA.

  • Let's Defend ALL psychologists... Learn more
  • Let's shake things up at APA & APAPO to better advocate for our interests
  • Dr. Finnerty has firsthand knowledge of the needs of Independent & Private Practice Psychologists

Support those who support YOU

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me by reading my statements. I am a psychologist with my own independent practice in Columbus, Ohio. I volunteer with my state psychological association as the APA Public Education Coordinator for Ohio. I have also started a new advocacy group to defend psychologists and current trainees from the recent, non-evidence based policies passed by the APA Council of Representatives in August, 2013 & February, 2014. I personally stood before the APA Council of Representatives in 2012 to urge them to defend all psychologists; and I'm back again to ensure that our voices are heard.

Please elect Dr. Finnerty APA Council Representative from Division 42 (Independent Practice)

In addition to running for APA President, I'm also running for a position as an APA Council Rep from Division 42. If you're a Division 42 member, please vote for me in this election. This way, in the event that I don't win the APA president-elect election I can still try to make a difference on the APA Council of Representatives.

Dr. Finnerty's 2015 Campaign for APA President-elect

Thank you for nominating Dr. Finnerty to run for APA President for the third time! Links to Dr. Finnerty's statements published in 2015 will be posted here when they are published online; thank you again.

Dr. Finnerty's 2014 Presidential Campaign

What happened in 2013?

I requested to be nominated to run for APA president-elect again in 2013 however I did not get enough votes in the nomination election to become one of the 5 candidates to run.

Unfortunately, in 2013 the APA Council then passed this resolution. In February, 2014 it passed Health Service Psychology: Preparing Competent Practitioners

I stayed busy, however. I got a lousy paper cited in one of the APA Council Resolutions corrected (though I wanted a retraction). I wrote a National Psychologist article before the August COR meeting which was published just after. I also submitted a letter to the editor in the APA Monitor.

Read Dr. Finnerty's past statements from the 2012 Presidential Campaign

  • I support defending #AllPsychologists & other evidence based policies that don't hurt people
  • I support transitioning to the use of the ICD instead of the DSM-5 through a partnership with the WHO
  • I support letting people join APAPO without joining APA (and having separate boards so each can focus on their individual missions)
  • I support free listservs & local networking events for APA members
  • I support putting funding for prescription privileges legislation on the backburner and dealing with more important issues that most APA members actually care about

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