Todd E. Finnerty, Psy.D. is running for APA President to change the tone of the conversation at APA.

  • Let's Defend ALL psychologists... Learn more
  • Let's shake things up at APA & APAPO to better advocate for our interests
  • Dr. Finnerty has firsthand knowledge of the needs of Independent & Private Practice Psychologists

Support those who support YOU

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me by reading my statements. I am a psychologist with my own independent practice in Columbus, Ohio. I volunteer with my state psychological association as the APA Public Education Coordinator for Ohio. I have also started a new advocacy group to defend psychologists and current trainees from the recent, non-evidence based policies passed by the APA Council of Representatives in August, 2013 & February, 2014. I personally stood before the APA Council of Representatives in 2012 to urge them to defend all psychologists; and I'm back again to ensure that our voices are heard.

NEW: Dr. Finnerty's 2014 Presidential Campaign

Links to Dr. Finnerty's statements published in 2014 will be posted here when they are published online.

Read Dr. Finnerty's past statements from the 2012 Presidential Campaign

  • I support defending #AllPsychologists & other evidence based policies that don't hurt people
  • I support transitioning to the use of the ICD instead of the DSM-5 through a partnership with the WHO
  • I support letting people join APAPO without joining APA (and having separate boards so each can focus on their individual missions)
  • I support free listservs & local networking events for APA members
  • I support putting funding for prescription privileges legislation on the backburner and dealing with more important issues that most APA members actually care about

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