Thank you for your support: Todd Finnerty for APA President

Todd Elliott Finnerty, Psy.D. was nominated by his peers to be one of the 5 candidates to run for APA President-elect in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017. He appreciates your support.

Here are some of the things Dr. Finnerty has written for the current and past APA President Campaigns

2017 Campaign for APA President-elect

Dr. Finnerty was again nominated to run for APA President-elect. The May, 2017 Monitor will feature the first statements from Dr. Finnerty about the campaign. The voting begins in September, 2017. Dr. Finnerty has also been nominated to run for a position on APA's Council of Representatives for APA Division 42 (Independent Practice). That voting begins at the end of April, 2017.

Here is a draft first-look at my statements from the May APA Monitor:

Who am I? I'm an advocate for all psychologists; I believe in putting members first. I'm willing to sometimes look bad in order to do good for others. I was only 27 when I was first licensed as a psychologist and I'm 41 now. I've made mistakes over that time and I also did some things well. I have an independent practice in Columbus, Ohio focused on evaluations and medical records reviews. I was raised in a small town in upstate New York; it was an environment where money was tight but grit and character were abundant. I moved to the Midwest for school, fell in love with my wife who is also a psychologist, and never left.

I like letting you know what I think so I blog about psychology at You can also follow @DrFinnerty on Twitter to see resources I share online and learn more about me at In addition, I write the free Reviews & IME's Newsletter every week; if you subscribe to it you'll receive a free list of referral sources. My book Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME's 2017: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians includes an even larger directory of hundreds of referral sources.

I'd be happy if you voted for me, but I wouldn't be satisfied with just winning this election. While I've run for APA president in 2012, 2014, 2015 and now 2017, my cause isn't to win the presidency, it's to win change. We'll reform APA to put APA members first again. One example of taking a members-first approach is my history of advocating for all psychologists (not just some psychologists).

They say in 1932 Babe Ruth pointed to the fence and called a shot that became a home run. It's my turn. Here's my called shot: we're going to end the practice of requiring an APA-accredited internship for employment. We've already scored a run: The Department of Veterans Affairs is now hiring some psychologists who didn't have APA-accredited internships. We'll score another run by banning employers requiring an APA-accredited internship from advertising in APA publications or recruiting at convention. Requiring an APA-accredited internship leads to age discrimination. This will get easier to prove over time since all APA-accredited doctoral programs will soon graduate only people who've had APA-accredited internships. Psychologists who survived the internship crisis will get older but won't be joined by new, younger psychologists who also didn't have APA-accredited internships. Requiring an APA-accredited internship will disproportionately impact older psychologists (and age discrimination can apply to someone as young as 40). Just like employers can't require applicants to be a recent graduate due to the potential for age discrimination, they won't be able to require APA-accredited internships due to the potential for age discrimination. This is just one example of how we'll put members first. The theme of my presidency will be "Members First" not APA first. APA wasn't formed to advance APA.

Members are demanding reform at APA; APA has been reluctant. Can we diagnose an association with narcissism? Far too often APA conversations are association-centric instead of member-centric. The question becomes "how do we generate more money, attention and influence for the association?" instead of "how can our association serve our science and our members better?" Posing self-centered, narcissistic questions has led APA to unscientific policies which have harmed the public and harmed our members. I know what it's like to scratch my head and wonder whether APA is with me or against me. It's because APA has stopped putting members first.

I've now run for APA president four times. I know from experience that it isn't pleasant to lose elections. However, it's electrifying to stand up for what you believe in. It's exciting to hear ideas you championed become mainstream and to see changes taking place which you helped influence. We can and will change APA's focus. Change is inevitable; we will win. We'll put members first again. The theme of my presidency will be "Members First" not APA first.

Do you have ideas or questions? Call me at (330)495-8809 or email I have an independent spirit and appreciate alternative perspectives. I've offered a different perspective which has been critical of APA. While criticism is important, the time for lifting pitchforks, lighting torches and leading angry mobs to the gates of APA is over. We've already heard too many vague tirades, empty promises and narcissistic rants. We don't need more words; they have little value without supporting action. Now is the time to wipe the sweat from our brow, roll up our sleeves and get to work. I have a demonstrated history of advancing practical solutions that put members first. APA wasn't formed to advance APA.

2016 (Dr. Finnerty was not a presidential candidate)

In 2016 Dr. Finnerty was not nominated as one of the 5 candidates chosen to run for APA president-elect. However, some positive events happened. The VA finally changed their policy and allowed the hiring of some psychologists who didn't have APA-accredited internships if they were board certified. Dr. Finnerty wrote a letter critical of APA's non-coverage of this in the APA Monitor which was ultimately published in January, 2017.

2015 Campaign for APA President-elect

2014 Presidential Campaign

2013... What happened in 2013?

Dr. Finnerty was not nominated to run for president in 2013. Unfortunately, in August, 2013 the APA Council passed this resolution despite Dr. Finnerty advocating against it. Then, in February, 2014 it passed Health Service Psychology: Preparing Competent Practitioners

Dr. Finnerty wrote a National Psychologist article before the August COR meeting which was published just after. He also had a letter to the editor published in the APA Monitor.

2012 Presidential Campaign

In 2012 Dr. Finnerty began his advocacy for all psychologists and also wrote about his positions on a number of other topics as well. He stood up in front of the APA Council of Representatives and urged them to support all psychologists.

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