Todd Elliott Finnerty, Psy.D. is running for APA President because "we can do better."

Members Matter

I believe members matter.
  • It's not "an APA for all members" if some get maligned and treated like they don't matter.
  • It's not "an APA for all members" unless we empower ALL psychologists.

The Hoffman Report

I'm the most credible candidate in the wake of the Hoffman Report. I listened to the voices APA leaders should've listened to. Reforming APA has already been my mission.

While one of the other presidential candidates appears in the Hoffman Report multiple times in a concerning manner, I spoke up. My time as APA President won't be about healing; it'll be about surgery on APA. I'll seek transparency, accountability and substantial changes, including empowering members to prevent future abuses. Read more here

Replicability, Open Science & Publication Bias

You may have seen the 2015 New York Times article Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says. I'm the only candidate emphasizing the issues which led to this article; issues which are very important to our science. Back in September, 2012, the very first year I ran for APA President, I wrote in the Monitor that "we'll build credibility and reduce publication bias by electronically publishing preregistered replication studies and studies without significant findings. Research data should not be hidden away in a junior colleague's file drawer or go unchallenged by others." My current ballot statement addresses these issues as well.

Proposed New Member Benefit:

The average college freshman has easier access to our science than many practicing psychologists. I want to give APA members free electronic access to all APA journal articles (through existing electronic packages which currently cost members extra). I want to do this without raising dues as long as the member chooses the option to not use their print journal credit and no longer have any print APA journals shipped to them. We'll likely save money while enhancing access to our science, helping the public interest and improving member benefits. APS can give members free access to their 5 journals; APA can give members free electronic access to scores of them.

Dr. Finnerty's Presidential Advocacy Timeline

My advocacy has often focused on supporting the survivors of the internship crisis, including psychologists who didn't have APA internships. This advocacy also centers on supporting access to psychologists. For example, in 2012 I wrote "in the future, we'll need more psychologists- not less." Now in 2015, despite hiring a substantial number of psychologists over the last few years, the Department of Veterans Affairs is reporting that they have a psychologist shortage. Psychologists are on the VA's list of top 5 occupations with the largest staffing shortages. Our country has immense, unmet behavioral health needs. My 2015 statements address, among other things, the myth that sometimes gets repeated that we have an "oversupply" of psychologists.

2015... Dr. Finnerty's 2015 Campaign for APA President-elect

Thank you for nominating me to run for APA President-elect for the third time! Some additional ways I differ from the other candidates are my lack of support for RxP spending and the fact that the other candidates promote board certification. You should read what the candidates told ABPP when they thought you weren't listening.

2014... Dr. Finnerty's 2014 Presidential Campaign

2013... What happened in 2013?

Unfortunately in 2013 Dr. Finnerty didn't get enough nominations in the nomination election to become one of the 5 candidates to run.

Unfortunately, in August, 2013 the APA Council then passed this resolution. Then, in February, 2014 it passed Health Service Psychology: Preparing Competent Practitioners

Dr. Finnerty stayed busy, however. He got an article cited in one of the APA Council Resolutions corrected (though I wanted a retraction). He wrote a National Psychologist article before the August COR meeting which was published just after. He also had a letter to the editor published in the APA Monitor.

2012... Read Dr. Finnerty's past statements from the 2012 Presidential Campaign