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Clinical Psychologist

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Contacting Dr. Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

If you have questions or to schedule an appointment Dr. Finnerty prefers that you contact him personally via email or on his cell phone: (330)495-8809

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What is your fax number?

Effective January 2020 Dr. Finnerty no longer uses fax and no longer has a fax number. Weird that a healthcare professional no longer has a fax, right? Dr. Finnerty also no longer has a pager. Don't worry, Dr. Finnerty can communicate with you in a reliable and secure manner.

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Can I send and receive encrypted emails and/or transfer medical records to you online?

Yes, if you follow the instructions on Dr. Finnerty's page here.

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Where is Dr. Todd Finnerty's office?

Dr. Finnerty has a private practice in the Crosswoods area of Columbus, Ohio just north of Worthington near the intersection of I-270 and Rt 23 (High St). Dr. Finnerty's office is in the One Crosswoods Center on the corner of High St (Rt 23) and E Campus View Blvd. There is a Bob Evans and Subway on the opposite side of the street. The office is in suite 250 (Regus/HQ). You can check-in with the receptionist in suite 250 (second floor). The building is accessible including an elevator. Dr. Finnerty does consulting work at other locations and is available at this location by appointment only.

100 E. Campus View Boulevard
Suite #250
Columbus, Ohio 43235

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Is Dr. Finnerty taking new patients for treatment?

Yes, Dr. Finnerty is taking new patients for CBT-I. He typically does not offer appointments in the evening or on weekends.

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Can I take the bus?

There is a bus stop near the building's parking lot on E. Campus View Blvd. You can use COTA's website to plan your trip.
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What are your fees?

These fees are effective now unless you have a previously arranged contract or other agreement with Dr. Finnerty for a different fee. Payment is due in advance unless otherwise arranged. Dr. Finnerty is open to negotating a different fee than the fees noted below depending on the nature of the work involved. For example, for Veterans' Independent Medical Opinions Dr. Finnerty will be happy to discuss a flat fee with you in advance based in part on the number of medical records to be reviewed. Dr. Finnerty is willing to bill case rates for file reviews. The flat case rate is $600 for files with 1,000 pages or less and $900 for files with 1,000 pages to 1,499 pages (though I've temporarily discounted this rate to $600) and $1,500 for cases with 1,500 pages or more (though I've temporarily discounted this rate to $600). A case rate is a guarantee that you will not be charged more than that rate regardless of how long it takes Dr. Finnerty to do the work. For veterans' disability cases Dr. Finnerty needs to be able to review the entire claims file.

Dr. Finnerty will provide an independent psychological evaluation/IME for a flat fee of $900. This includes a review of a reasonable amount of background records, writing a report and necessary testing. It will typically be conducted in a 45 minute to four hour block of time depending on what services are needed.

Dr. Finnerty's no show fee is $300 for an examination and $160 for one hour appointments.

Dr. Finnerty's hourly fee is $160 per hour unless otherwise arranged in advance. This fee includes 45 minute online counseling sessions scheduled through Dr. Finnerty as the additional 15 minutes is spent on administrative tasks related to the appointment. CBT-I pre-payment discounts of up to 50% off are available.

Dr. Finnerty offers a reduced rate of $395 for administering an IQ test and providing a report. Learn more about IQ testing with Dr. Finnerty.

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How can I pay you?

Dr. Finnerty prefers that you pay by card using PayPal through this link: Pay a Bill. You may also mail a check or Dr. Finnerty can process a credit card in-person.
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Does Dr. Finnerty bill insurance companies?

In relation to treatment services (ex: CBT-I) Dr. Finnerty will bill traditional Medicare but no other insurances. Dr. Finnerty does not participate on other insurance company panels, though you may be able to submit a receipt from Dr. Finnerty to try and be reimbursed by your insurance company if you have out of network benefits.

Forensic services (ex: a disability-related examination) are typically not covered by health insurance.
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Can an attorney talk to you before scheduling an IMO/ IME for free?

Yes, attorneys are invited to speak with Dr. Finnerty or exchange encrypted emails with him about the basic nature of a veteran's disability case before referring it to Dr. Finnerty. This will help determine if the referral for an independent medical opinion by Dr. Finnerty is appropriate.

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What is your office's firearms policy?

Yes, you may concealed carry a gun in the office if you are otherwise permitted to by law. There is no prohibition against carrying concealed firearms in Dr. Finnerty's office. There is no sign on the office building or on Dr. Finnerty's office suite prohibiting the concealed carry of firearms. Dr. Finnerty will not ask you if you own firearms unless that information becomes relevant based on other examination findings.

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Can I come to the exam intoxicated?

No, please don't.

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Can I bring my child or children to be in the examination with me?

No, please don't. Also, no childcare is available in the waiting area.

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Can I audio or video record the examination?

No, recording of the examination is not permitted. A representative from your attorney is also not permitted. This would also be a violation of the policies of some of my referral sources and also my ethics code. For example, no examiner for the Ohio Industrial Commission is allowed to let you record the exam. Here is the reference.

See also: Statement on Third Party Observers in Psychological Testing and Assessment: A Framework for Decision Making (from the American Psychological Association) and the Policy Statement of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology regarding Third Party Observation and the recording of psychological test administration in neuropsychological evaluations

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Will you provide an independent medical opinion or examination on disability insurance claims for both insurance companies and claimants?

Yes, Dr. Finnerty will be happy to review cases for both disability insurance companies and also for people who have a pending disability insurance claim. Dr. Finnerty will offer an independent opinion in keeping with the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology regardless of who is paying for the IMO or IME.
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Do you have experience with Workers Compensation?

Dr. Finnerty provides impairment evaluations for the Ohio Industrial Commission. He is available for some Workers Compensation related services as needed. He is a BWC provider but is not currently billing BWC for treatment or providing psychotherapy for injured workers.
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Will you schedule a fitness-for-duty evaluation?

Dr. Finnerty has performed FFD exams in the past but is no longer scheduling them. Dr. Finnerty is willing to perform examinations related to disability/impairment, however. Dr. Finnerty does not offer opinions related to violence risk.
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Do you provide Emotional Support Animal Letters?

Not typically, no.
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Are pets allowed in your office?

No. Unfortunately, Dr. Finnerty's office is located in a large office suite with multiple other businesses. Pets cannot be accommodated. In addition, typically Dr. Finnerty needs to evaluate your functioning when you're not in the presence of your pet.

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Do you perform full neuropsychological testing batteries?

No, Dr. Finnerty does not do full neuropsychological testing batteries. Dr. Finnerty will perform some cognitive/IQ and memory testing and can include effort testing when necessary, however he does not provide full neuropsychological batteries. He can assist you with a referral if necessary.
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What types of psychological testing can you provide?

Dr. Finnerty offers personality testing when necessary (ex: MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF, MCMI-IV, PAI). Dr. Finnerty does not offer the Rorschach or similar tests.

Dr. Finnerty also offers cognitive testing when necessary related to IQ/ ability, achievement, memory, etc. (ex: WAIS-IV, WISC-V, WMS-IV, WIAT-III). He can include effort testing and/or an adaptive behavior assessments when necessary. Please call Dr. Finnerty to discuss any specific testing questions or needs: (330)495-8809.
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Do you provide independent IQ testing, achievement testing and/or gifted and talented evaluations?

Dr. Finnerty can administer these tests for you. This is typically done for questions related to giftedness, monitoring academic achievement or disability concerns. However, Dr. Finnerty's fee may be higher than other options. Please note that if your school determines that they need an IQ test they may conduct this test for free or otherwise pay for it (though generally they won't do an individually administered IQ test for giftedness questions). Dr. Finnerty does not make any classroom observations of a child nor does he attend IEP meetings. He will provide a report to a school, county board or other organization if you request it.

Learn more about IQ testing with Dr. Finnerty in the Columbus, Ohio area here.

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Do you provide evaluations to determine if someone has a specific learning disability or ADHD?

No, Dr. Finnerty does not currently offer evaluations that are primarily focused on establishing whether someone has a LD or ADHD.
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Does Dr. Finnerty administer the testing himself or use assistants?

Dr. Finnerty enjoys administering testing and does not use assistants. He perfoms all testing himself. Dr. Finnerty is present at all times during testing to make behavioral observations related to the testing.
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Are your evaluations really independent if a specific person or organization is paying for it?

Yes, Dr. Finnerty's goal is to offer an independent opinion. Dr. Finnerty works for himself and has multiple streams of income. He is not reliant on any one referral source. Dr. Finnerty does his best to act ethically and within relevant professional guidelines. For example, the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology Guideline 1.02 notes forensic practitioners "strive for accuracy, impartiality, fairness, and independence." It notes "forensic practitioners recognize the adversarial nature of the legal system and strive to treat all participants and weigh all data, opinions, and rival hypotheses impartially. When conducting forensic examinations, forensic practitioners strive to be unbiased and impartial, and avoid partisan presentation of unrepresentative, incomplete, or inaccurate evidence that might mislead finders of fact." Dr. Finnerty's practices are also consistent with the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.
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Is Dr. Finnerty dependent on large payouts from disability insurance companies and/or attorneys involved in workers' compensation claims?

No, Dr. Finnerty is not. Sometimes individuals/organizations are concerned about potential bias due to a professional obtaining a significant percentage of their income from a specific company or referral source (such as attorneys for injured workers or attorneys for employers involved in workers' compensation claims). However, Dr. Finnerty's income is not primarily related to IME's or records reviews for disability insurance companies. The vast majority of Dr. Finnerty's time is spent as an in-house consultant for the state of Ohio's Disability Determination Service. Dr. Finnerty evaluates a wide range of Social Security disability cases on a near-daily basis for Social Security. He is not currently accepting most referrals related to workers' compensation in Ohio other than impairment evaluations for the Ohio Industrial Commission (approximately 4 examinations per month) and can remain as independent as possible on these examinations given that he does not have any conflicts of interest with any outside workers' compensation-related referral sources. Dr. Finnerty also occasionally accepts impairment-related examinations for disability insurance companies. Dr. Finnerty does not charge exorbitant rates for these examinations- he charges the same amount for each exam regardless of who the referral source is (and this amount is consistent with the amount paid by the Ohio Industrial Commission). Dr. Finnerty performs a few medical records reviews related to disability insurance companies per month (however the bulk of his time is spent reviewing Social Security disability claims or treating patients for chronic insomnia). Dr. Finnerty's primary source of income is from helping Ohio make decisions on Social Security disability claims and from his private behavioral sleep medicine practice.
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Where can I find information related to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) opinions, second opinions and third opinions?

In addition to consulting an attorney, you can visit the Department of Labor's website. For example, this page on the Content of a Medical Certification as well as this page related to Medical Certification - Second and Third Opinions.
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Will Dr. Finnerty complete disability paperwork for his patients and/or examinees?

Maybe. Dr. Finnerty will discuss with you whether FMLA leave, asking for workplace accommodations and/or using your short-term disability insurance or applying for disability is right for you. If it is clinically indicated then yes, Dr. Finnerty may complete the necessary paperwork. However, completing paperwork is unlikely to happen after only one treatment visit (though a forensic examination for this purpose could be scheduled). There may be an additional cost for completing paperwork depending on the amount of time the paperwork takes.

Please keep in mind that people who do NOT leave work or leave work for only a short period of time tend to have better long-term outcomes. If you are out of work currently, the faster you can get back to work the better if a return to work is your goal.

Learn more about return-to-work and disability paperwork consulting from Dr. Finnerty here.

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Do you offer videoconferencing options for examinations/ consultations?

Dr. Finnerty has this ability for people physically located in Ohio where Dr. Finnerty is licensed. You can learn more here.
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Office Forms, Privacy Policy and Credentialing Information

You can view office forms here.
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Can you tell me more about Dr. Todd Elliott Finnerty, Psy.D.?

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D. has been licensed as a psychologist in Ohio since 2003. He has performed tens of thousands of medical records file reviews on Social Security disability claims since 2004. He has also performed hundreds of medical records reviews for disability insurance companies. In addition, he performs psychological evaluations related to disability and workers compensation. He provides cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) and is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. You can learn more about Dr. Finnerty here.

Have questions? You can call Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone (330)495-8809.

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Social Media?

Dr. Finnerty prefers not to communicate with potential examinees or patients over social media as he cannot guarantee the confidentiality of those sites. An owl

Tell me more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

I'm glad you asked, learn more about CBT-I with Dr. Finnerty here.
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